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Five Mistakes When Turkey Cooking

Do you plan to host the Thanksgiving meal this year with your loved ones? While it is fun planning the menu and cook up delicious side dishes sarma recept kulinarika for the holiday, it can be daunting to cook a whole turkey for your loved ones. We have reached out to Jasmine Shea (Nutrition Consultant for Bubs Naturals, founder of Your Dinner Is Planned) to learn about the common mistakes cooks make. We’ve got a wealth of suggestions and tricks to making this year’s Thanksgiving the most delicious.

These turkey mistakes are easy to avoid if you’re hosting Thanksgiving.

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1. Don’t make a mistake: Do not clean your turkey prior to when you cook it

It is believed that washing raw turkeys can kill any bacteria that could cause food poisoning. If you don’t clean the bird, the bacteria can cause a spread of illness to your kitchen. After handling turkeys, everyone must wash their hands at a minimum of 20 times. The only way to eliminate the bacteria present in turkey is to prepare it to the appropriate internal temperature.

2. Don’t be a fool! Thaw the turkey on top

Don’t let your turkey thaw on the counter. This will guarantee the safety of your turkey. The ideal environment for bacteria to thrive in a warm conditions can result in serious illness for your family and guests.

3. Don’t be a fool! Thaw your turkey in hot water

If you decide to let the turkey thaw the turkey in a bowl filled with water instead of the refrigerator, be sure to wash the turkey every 30 minutes. This is recommended by CDC to ensure that temperatures remain safe and stop harmful bacteria from growing.

4. Make a mistake: Don’t leave the turkey out for more than 2 hrs

This is one of the most serious turkey mistakes you should be aware of during Thanksgiving. The CDC will determine that you’ve exceeded the safe limit within two hours. If you keep your turkey on the counter or in the car for more than two hours, you should ensure your safety and purchase another turkey.

5. Make sure you don’t commit an error.

You must ensure that the time you purchase fresh turkeys at your local butcher, meat vendor or grocery store is compatible with the plans for your Thanksgiving dinner. You’ll need to cook the turkey immediately when it is fresh. As per the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service the length of amount of time you should allow for fresh turkeys to cool in the refrigerator is 1-2 days.